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A Good Day to Dracu-Riot (Status Update 5)

As some of you may have already seen, Sekai Project just announced at Anime Expo today that they’ve licensed and will release Dracu-Riot (as well as Senren Banka!). So here’s the low-down: they have been in contact with us recently, … Continue reading

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Dracu & Riot Status Update

Shit’s taking ages, yo. Continue reading

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update with a Vengeance

tl;dr: keep on waiting, boys Continue reading

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I shall try to be as transparent as possible in this post. That makes this sound bad for some reason, but nah, we’re just giving you updates on shizzle. Now, while it may not be in my best interest to … Continue reading

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update and Appeasement Patch

Firstly, I would like to apologize that the first Dracu-Riot! patch’s estimate of very roughly two months was not as accurate as it could be, depending upon one’s definition of “very roughly.” On the plus side, however, the calendar has … Continue reading

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update

As our very rough estimate of about two months allows for a release date either quite greater than or quite less than two months, we feel obligated to give a status update on a date that falls on the lower … Continue reading

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Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Announced

Mr. Insemination has recently made the kind decision to release a Dracu-Riot! patch to appease an agitated public, and thus, all the game but 50% of the Miu route is translated under the name of Staircase Subs. However, I’ve found … Continue reading

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Noble☆Works HD Version Complete!

Dear eroge aficionados: Rest assured that our progress, while our affinity for grammar-related articles may not have given the impression, is as healthy as ever. Or, you know, as healthy as it was at times when it was healthy. As … Continue reading

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Official Downloadable Version of Noble☆Works Now Available!

Yuzusoft has recently released the downloadable version of Noble☆Works, meaning that you no longer have to rely upon some shady third-party shipper in order to acquire the game. We hope this will result in more support for the company that … Continue reading

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Noble☆Works Full Translation Patch Released

And you can find it here! Merry Christmas! Perhaps the easiest way to purchase a copy of Noble☆Works is through Amazon. Note that Yuzusoft does not have a downloadable version of the game, and it officially ships only within Japan, … Continue reading

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