A Good Day to Dracu-Riot (Status Update 5)

As some of you may have already seen, Sekai Project just announced at Anime Expo today that they’ve licensed and will release Dracu-Riot (as well as Senren Banka!). So here’s the low-down: they have been in contact with us recently, and have expressed interest in using our work. We haven’t actually signed a deal yet, but we have no reason to refuse if they’re asking for our help.

So yep, we’re going official. What does that mean?

  • No more patch releases, of course.
  • As with most fan translations gone official, this means that it will probably take a little longer to release, but hopefully not too much longer.
  • It will be of a higher level of quality than if it was to remain a fan translation.
  • You will still get your porn; they announced an 18+ version as well. I haven’t spent all that time recently transcribing moans and sound effects for nothing!

I understand many of you will feel jilted, and I understand that. However, for us, we are immensely proud of the work we’ve been putting into this project. What started as an ill-conceived attempt to hurriedly poop out a complete DR patch based on Insem’s earlier work has turned into a far more serious project. We have been completely overhauling the translation in order to make it something befitting of this hilarious and amazing moege. To me, it’s only fitting that we now take this project to the next level, to the stage it belongs on.

I imagine most status updates will now come from Sekai Project, so we won’t use this blog for Dracu-Riot much anymore. Thank you to all who have shown their support thus far.

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Dracu & Riot Status Update

Greetings, everyone. Apologies for the astonishingly late status update, on top of the late, well, everything else.

So let’s cut to the chase: Dracu Riot isn’t done yet. The editing and TLC probably won’t be done for at least several more months. Progress over the last couple of months has been very slow for a wide variety of reasons, but it’s basically all on me. I’m going to put a good number of hours into it today though and plan on putting at least a couple hours a day into it every day going forward from here.

When we first started this project, the plan was for a quick edit pass where we’d make some minor changes for better flow. Someone else would go in and do an additional proofreading pass and a cursory TLC pass along the way. We’d have a QCer on hand to point out occasional issues. We could then release a polished, finished patch in a couple months’ time. Simple, no?

The first problem: The person who was initially pegged to do TLC decided that they didn’t like Yuzusoft’s VNs much after all and essentially gave up. This became a much bigger issue when we did more analysis and realized how many inaccuracies were contained within the Staircase patch. This thankfully only ended up being a minor hiccup, since we have the fantastic Clephas on our side now providing the TLC for us. We don’t have an exact count, but we have quashed a metric ton of translation errors with his help.

The bigger, second problem: That “quick editing pass” stuff wasn’t going to fly. At some point last year when I was going back over what we’ve already done with my fabulous QCers, it hit me just how poorly it all read. It was like the Persona 5 hullabaloo amped up to eleven. I’m honestly ashamed of how bad it was, and it was a big part of the reason why I was upset by that patch release slip up (see our previous update for the details on that).

Since then, I have gone back over the stuff we already did with a fine-toothed comb, bringing it up to what I deem an acceptable standard. The result of that and the TLC is a very different looking script from the Staircase version. That version is still the skeleton of ours, but we’re basically giving it the Muv Luv treatment, albeit with a much smaller and less experienced team. The end result is looking like something I can be proud of, however, as it’s now both far more accurate and dramatically better reading.

This all takes time, and will continue to take time. I don’t expect us to finish until the tail end of the year. I know, I’m sorry, I’d like it to be sooner too. Updates such as this one will continue to be sporadic, but I’ll always be around on our comment section, Fuwanovel, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Be sure to drop by with any questions or comments you may have.

Until next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood jaded editor, Decay.

(Also no, you uncultured swine, that is not a mistake in the title, but a reference to the movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious,” beloved by all respected connoisseurs of fine cinema the world around.)

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update with a Vengeance

Hello, my friends. Your friendly neighborhood translation editor Decay is here with a important message. As many of you may have noticed, in late September there was an aborted patch release. This was, simply put, a mistake. Wires were crossed and misunderstandings occurred. No one is really at fault here, as communication should have been better across the board. We pulled the patch down as soon as the mistake was noticed, but I suppose the damage was already done.

And what damage it was! For any of you who saw the patch, I hope you don’t get the idea that it was at all representative of the quality we intend for the final release. What the patch lacked was:

  • Any editing in the Rio, Elina, and Nicola routes;
  • Partial editing as well as proofreading in the Miu and Azusa routes;
  • The final polishing pass on everything including the common route;
  • Some TLC work.

As you can see, there are some pretty basic and essential things that need to happen which haven’t yet. In the six or so weeks since, we have already made an enormous amount of improvements to the Common, Miu, and Azusa routes, and we continue to make more. I’ve also made some headway into the Rio route at the same time. Indeed, we’ve been some awfully busy bees lately. We won’t stop until this translation is as good as it can possibly be.

I suspect those still following our blog and waiting for the final release are doing so because they care about translation quality as much as we do. So, when will your chosen saviors, the boys over at The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs, deliver you unto the promised land? Hell if I know. No, really, I have no idea. It will probably take a long time. Simply put, the plans have changed, and we’re no longer delivering anything at all until everything is 100% finished and polished to a mirror sheen. It’s going to take a while.

Some of you may be disappointed by this news, and I feel for you. We would like to find a path that makes everyone happy, but I’m just not sure that exists. Instead, we chose the path that makes us happy, because we’re selfish like that. I figured we’ve earned it after putting many hundreds of hours into this.

I’m not sure there’s much else to discuss until we hit some major milestones, so you may not hear from us again for quite a while. In the meantime, enjoy some other excellent VNs!

  • The translation patch for the Saturn version of Policenauts was finally released recently. It is considered the best version of the game, so check it out!
  • Surferdude on VNDB translated a short Romanesque side-story which may be worth checking out if you liked that game.
  • The Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai fan translation just reached 100% editing and translation. It seems like things may take a while for them as well, but be sure to give their tumblr a follow, that game is awesome and worth looking forward to!
  • The renowned sci-fi doujin that became absurdly popular in Japan, Himawari, is releasing in English next month! I’ve already pre-ordered.
  • Sonahana Nyuu Jene is releasing this month if you’re into moe yuri, and Ne no Kami part one just released if you want more story-heavy yuri.

Until next time, friends.

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I shall try to be as transparent as possible in this post. That makes this sound bad for some reason, but nah, we’re just giving you updates on shizzle.

Now, while it may not be in my best interest to bring up the following details, I shall remind you that our initial plan for the first Dracu-Riot! patch would be 100% translation, editing, and image editing, etc. I also offered the (very) rough estimate of two months until the first patch.

Evidently the (very!) rough estimate of two months was inaccurate, and to disclose some significant information, the editing, while many thorough hours have been poured into it, has not progressed to the degree that my considerable optimism led on.

I hesitate to remind you of our previous estimates because, well, it seems as though nobody paid careful attention to the details, and so I wouldn’t expect much incoming criticism, but regardless, it would weigh on my conscience to conveniently leave out the above information.

And it also weighs on my conscience that my estimates have not met reality, so I shall now announce to those who did properly read the information I provided earlier that we are going to release a first patch in the near future, one that meets all of our previous goals except that it will not include any modification to Staircase Subs’ writing of the non-Miu heroine routes; Miu’s route will be fully translated and proofread and whatnot, and the image editing and in-game translation notes will be complete, but in contrast to what we previously declared, this first patch will not contain our editing progress on the other heroine routes.

What is the status on this upcoming patch? Well, all the translation is complete, the image editing is just about complete, the editing of the common route through to Staircase Subs’ progress on the Miu route is complete, and the proofreading of the common route is complete. We’re also proofreading Miu’s route (including both our and Staircase Subs’ translation), which is about halfway done and doesn’t take long. In addition to that, we will spend a little time tying up loose ends on the hacking, as the technicalities that enable in-game translation notes and a patch for the downloadable version of Dracu-Riot! will take a little (legit, a little) time.

Thus, while we naturally hesitate to offer an estimate date on this first patch, you should be able to observe from the above information that there isn’t much remaining work for it, so you can expect it rather soon.

Incidentally, for those who have undertaken the policy of waiting until our final patch, complete with editing and translation checking, we should simply say that this final patch, by any estimate, will take a lot of time. We just want you to make an informed decision.

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update and Appeasement Patch

Firstly, I would like to apologize that the first Dracu-Riot! patch’s estimate of very roughly two months was not as accurate as it could be, depending upon one’s definition of “very roughly.”

On the plus side, however, the calendar has now calendated to such an extent that I (Fiddle), while previously having forecast working on translation checking at this time, am now available to work on the other aspects of the project that will need to be completed first and that have been in progress for the past couple months. So, translation and editing/proofreading―whichever requires assistance depending upon which is completed first along with my assistance―will move along more quickly; I should begin with translation, as I now am not quite busy like translator Nosebleed, or quite busy and quite incapacitated like translator Clephas. My assistance accompanies the admirable efforts of Decay, Tiagofvarela, Clephas, Nosebleed, and Aizen-sama whom we’ve recently recruited for additional proofreading.

We would like to appease you with a patch for Dracu-Riot! in the meantime. This patch does not contain any of our progress, except for the utilization of a program we created that automatically converts Staircase Subs’ British English to American English, and that we’ve also abused to make many desirable additions to the text. The patch furthermore includes some embellishments that will manifest themselves soon after opening the game.

Here you go! http://www.mediafire.com/download/5n1cb960thoixlj/Antwon+Patch.zip

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Dracu-Riot! Status Update

As our very rough estimate of about two months allows for a release date either quite greater than or quite less than two months, we feel obligated to give a status update on a date that falls on the lower end of this spectrum.

Due to main translator Nosebleed suffering from somewhat unforeseen circumstances that keep him busy, and other translator Clephas suffering from definitively unforeseen circumstances that keep him mentally and physically incapacitated, the translation aspect of this endeavor has not progressed as favorably as expected. We are currently engaging in asymmetrical warfare with the Yuzusoft curse.

Meanwhile, Decay is moving through the editing portion of the project at a commendable pace. As a part of this process, he has also been reporting a considerable number of lines with observably uncertain translations, which we’ve subsequently addressed; thus, while the actual TLCing will come in later patches, at least the most manifest errors will be taken care of for the first patch.

At the same time, Tiagofvarela has been proofreading some edited parts with the utmost thoroughness. As this game is probably about 500,000 English words long, however, we remain worried about how thorough shizzle can get while maintaining a steady pace of progress.

With all this information in mind, it appears safe to say that the release date of our first patch will fall at the latter end of the very-roughly-two-month estimate, for which we apologize. But, as editing everything in two months and with decent thoroughness seemed to be a gargantuan task from the beginning, at least now it may be completed around the same time as the translation, making the first patch fulfill all the features promised.

Thank you for your patience. Or, the patience we’re forcing you to have.

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Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Announced

Mr. Insemination has recently made the kind decision to release a Dracu-Riot! patch to appease an agitated public, and thus, all the game but 50% of the Miu route is translated under the name of Staircase Subs.

However, I’ve found myself overcome with a certain fear in my heart, one in which a reader’s erection diminishes mid-H-scene at the appalling sight of unwelcome moonrunes, leaving him with a lethal case of blue testicles―something of that nature, anyway.

So, in order to satisfy the general population in more ways than one, we’ve endeavored to bring this project to completion, both in translation and in several other regards which you may find enumerated below.

The only difficulty is that I (Fiddle) will be too busy in the near future to work through this iniquitous 10% of remaining game text. Fortunately, Mr. Nosebleed of the website-less group Tiny Lily announced and maintained a promise to finish off the game should Insemination hold true to his word, and lo! his words came to haunt him. Thus, we got in contact with Nosebleed and formed a partnership between The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs and Tiny Lily to assume this noble burden.

While Nosebleed will cover the translation of the remaining ~4,000 lines, we will:

  • Cover all hacking aspects of the game—in fact, we’ve already worked on this in-depth (with assistance from Lord binaryfail), such that all of our capabilities are basically on the table.
  • Do all image editing, with a comprehensiveness equal to that of Noble☆Works.
  • Translate menus and such.
  • Create in-game translation notes, like those that appear in Noble☆Works.
  • Release a patch for both the retail version and downloadable version; the current patch only applies to the retail version, which is quite difficult to acquire legally.
  • Edit the entirety of the game. If I read Insemination’s assessment of the patch correctly, it seems that there wasn’t enough time to have the game proofread and edited and such.
  • Americanizing the writing style, on the topic of the previous point.
  • Translation checking.*

So when shall we release this patch? Well, Mr. presumptuous readers, we intend to release not one patch, but two or even more than two, which brings us to Mr. asterisk*. The first patch will contain everything we listed above, with the exception of all-around translation checking; in short, it will be 100% complete except for the fact that it will remain in the state to which Staircase Subs’ unfortunate shortage of time and resources subjected it. Then, due to a subsequent increase in free time, we will be able to conduct some translation checking. We may release a second and final translation-checked patch, or release successive ones with increasing partial progress.

Oh, I didn’t answer the question. To give a quite rough but relatively safe estimate, let’s say this first patch will arrive in about two months. The translation-checked patch(es) will come some months thereafter.

Also, we shall bring a Communist-red overhaul to this website’s appearance in the not-so-distant future.

(An earlier version of this story neglected the exclamation point in Dracu-Riot! Because we are not plebs, we intend to include this punctuation in all cases, just as we did with the star in Noble☆Works.)

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Noble☆Works HD Version Complete!

Dear eroge aficionados:

Rest assured that our progress, while our affinity for grammar-related articles may not have given the impression, is as healthy as ever. Or, you know, as healthy as it was at times when it was healthy.

As a matter of fact, our slaves have been so unwillingly willing to deliver great goods to mankind that we couldn’t help but furnish them with a noble task.

Consequently, we’ve accomplished the task of deconstructing the code of Noble☆Works and extracting the pictures to be enlarged in such a manner that their quality do not suffer.

Upscaled images galore!

Rendered in 2560×1440—DOUBLE the default 1080×720—your unusually large monitor will be happy to display cute girls’ mammaries in maximum pixel detail!

In fact, due to downscaling being a relatively easy process, your smaller monitor will display an image of tantamount quality. Have some 1920×1080!

On our Downloads page you’ll find the Noble☆Works HD patch and finally be able to accompany your fullscreen experience with full quality (or use windowed mode on a relatively big monitor, but you plebs may take the exit on the right).

Thank you for the continued support!

(EDIT: This was an April Fool’s joke. Silly.)

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Grammar Rant: The (Mis)use of Contradictory Words

Want some more translated porn? Too bad, because y’all gonna get a well-needed lesson in grammar today.

In recent months—and in many months theretofore, but only now have I had time to get sufficiently angry—I’ve witnessed errant, erratic, erroneous usages of certain words that express contradiction/contrast in the English language. Allow me to launch vitriolic criticism at everyone, then offer some constructive criticism so that these infamies I speak of shall never again occur. I’m sure the Oxford comma is about to become universal by my efforts, so this endeavor should be no less successful.

NOTE: Example sentences in green in this article are correct, those in red are incorrect, and those in neither serve some other purpose. Also, there is a sort of tl;dr at the end for the minority of you who don’t have time to set aside for grammar.

The four words under examination today are “but,” “though,” “although,” and “however,” but primarily the latter two. There are other words of this nature, such as “despite” and “whereas,” but they don’t quite tie in to the following complexity. I will begin with the factual basis of my outrage:


The word “however” is an adverb and nothing else, and the word “although” is a conjunction and nothing else. Incidentally, “but” in this context is a conjunction and nothing else (but works slightly differently from “although”), and “though” is both a conjunction and an adverb.

Why is all this important? Because we often torture our eyes with such sentences as:

“I like pancakes, however I also think waffles are great.”

While breakfast aficionados would agree that the semantics of the above sentence are correct, the grammar is not. The word “however” is being used as a conjunction, connecting two independent clauses, and as I’m sure you recall, “however” is an adverb alone. As a rule of thumb, if you can change the word “however” to a conjunction that connects two independent clauses, like so:

“I like pancakes, and I also think waffles are great.”

then the use of “however” is grammatically incorrect, because the above sentence implies that the word in that position is to be a conjunction. Here are some examples of correct usages of the word “however”:

“Jeff likes pancakes. However, I prefer waffles.”

“Jeff likes pancakes; I, however, prefer waffles.”

“Jeff likes pancakes. I smacked him across the face, however, and asserted my preference for waffles.”

This seems simple, but luckily we have something to complicate it. The word “however” has a completely different meaning from its use as a contradictory word, which OAD defines as “in whatever way; regardless of how” or “to whatever extent.” For example:

However much you try, you will not convince me that pancakes are superior to waffles.”

While this form of the word “however” is also an adverb, its grammatical function is slightly different from that of the contradictory “however.” I won’t force you to wrap your mind around this concept, but all you need to do is recognize which form of the word you’re using, and in the case of the contradictory “however,” delineate it with a comma or commas. If you don’t employ commas regularly, then:

However the verdict is…”

a reader won’t know what the meaning used in the above phrase is. You will probably be able to determine it from the rest of the sentence, but oftentimes there can be quite a distance to go until you reach that part of the sentence. Moreover, there probably exists some sort of hypothetical sentence structure that I don’t feel like thinking about in which a full sentence can be ambiguous due to the two meanings of “however” commaless.

And now onto “although”! Wait, I just realized that I’m not being vitriolic enough. Time for an intermission.


The word “although” is only a conjunction, as stated earlier. So, just as “however” is often used erroneously as a conjunction, “although” is often used erroneously as an adverb:

“I love pancakes. Although I do like me some waffles.”

“I should cook pancakes. Although, waffles would work too.”

No. The above sentences would be best off with “however” instead (so long as you make sure to add a comma in the first one). Or you could change them so that “although” actually does function as a conjunction:

“I love pancakes, although I do like me some waffles.”

“I should cook pancakes, although waffles would work too.”

This seems marginally demanding on the mind, so I have a solution for the two of you who are lazy but read this shizzle anyway. Recall that the word “though” is both an adverb and a conjunction, so you can use it in times of confusion:

“Bob likes pancakes, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he were really a filthy waffle lover.”

“Bob likes pancakes. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were really a filthy waffle lover.”

Just remember to place commas where appropriate. For example, let’s say you neglect one here:

“Bob likes pancakes. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he were really a filthy waffle lover…”

As in that sentence earlier with “however,” I have an ellipsis at the end because if somebody were known to always neglect commas after the word “though,” then we wouldn’t know whether it’s being used an an adverb or a conjunction from the beginning of the sentence. It could be either:

“Bob likes pancakes. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he were really a filthy waffle lover.”


“Bob likes pancakes. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he were really a filthy waffle lover, I think he’s a loyal pancake supporter.”

The first sentence uses the word “though” as an adverb, but it is only when we get to the end of the sentence that we realize it. The second sentence uses the word how it should be used judging by the absence of the comma: as a substitute for “although.” To recap, adverbs should be safely nested in their own commas, whereas conjunctions don’t need to be.

By the way, we aren’t done with “although” yet. One might assume that it works the same way as “but” due to the fact that each of the words, as I mentioned earlier, is a conjunction and nothing else. However, unlike “although,” “but” can’t be used at the beginning of a sentence—at least, not in the same way.”Although” and “but” both imply that there is more than one independent clause. However, “although” can come before the first independent clause or the second, whereas “but” can come before only the second. For example, the two words fulfill the same role here:

“Joe likes pancakes, although I like waffles.”

“Joe likes pancakes, but I like waffles.”

But they aren’t equivalent here:

Although Joe likes pancakes, I like waffles.”

But Joe likes pancakes, I like waffles.”

This isn’t to say that the word “but” can’t come at the beginning of a sentence. It can, but for a different reason, which is the same structure that many other conjunctions assume:

“Joe likes pancakes. But I like waffles.”

“Joe likes pancakes. Yet I like waffles.”

“Joe likes pancakes. And I like waffles.”

In a world of perfect grammatical logic, the above sentences might be considered sort of incorrect, but I’m sure you will find that this structure is quite inevitable, especially in such cases as dialogue. If you need to recognize the above usage of these words for some reason, just determine whether you can connect the preceding sentence into one:

“Joe likes pancakes. But I like waffles.” –> “Joe likes pancakes, but I like waffles.”

This note on the word “but” is important because we have to take care not to use “although” in the same way. Take this sentence:

“Joe likes pancakes. Although I like waffles.”

In such structures, the “although” would immediately spur the misinterpretation that the sentence will contain two independent clauses.

Too long; didn’t read; I have porn games to get to

I attempted to structure the above in a… structured manner, but the four words described are connected in manifold, asymmetrical ways that make doing so difficult. So, after this convolution, you might hate me more than you previously did, in which case 1) go fornicate with a cactus, and 2) I’ve made a Venn diagram to summarize.

Again, the four words have “It’s complicated” relationships with each other, so I’m leaving out some things (especially with regard to commas) in order to make this a rightful tl;dr:


I’ve suppressed much of the rage I sought to express, but I hope that my introduction of this issue to you will give birth to enough rage to make up for it in the future.

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Official Downloadable Version of Noble☆Works Now Available!

Yuzusoft has recently released the downloadable version of Noble☆Works, meaning that you no longer have to rely upon some shady third-party shipper in order to acquire the game. We hope this will result in more support for the company that spreads high-quality pornography across the globe!

However, as DMM is a Japanese website, there will be quite a bit of nonsensicality involved. I (Fiddle) successfully purchased the game and conquered their convoluted download process, whereas Keisuke’s credit card was rejected despite being of the same provider as mine. Unfortunately, we are by no means experts in dealing with Japanese website racism, so we probably won’t be able to answer any troubles you have unless they involve navigating through the Japanese/Engrish of the website (though that shouldn’t be very difficult). We suggest using a guide like this one if you have trouble; you can find many more similar ones on the Internet.

Bear in mind also that this downloadable version of Yuzusoft’s differs slightly from the original in technical details, and as such, the past few days have been spent making a new patch that works with this version, which can be found on the Downloads page. Many thanks to binaryfail for his vital assistance in this endeavor!

In conjunction with this news, the maintenance translation patch is now out, replacing the one previously linked to on the Downloads page. Bear in mind that this is by no means a monumental overhaul, but rather a grateful application of some errors pointed out. We only decided to make it so that we may sleep peacefully, knowing that a particular equals sign no longer operates iniquitously under the guise of a hyphen.

Lastly, we’re continuing to translate some doujinshi, which can be found on the Doujinshi page. We don’t consider them important enough to merit an announcement, so they sort of just appear randomly. In any case, you can read those if you feel like it.

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