Kanemoto Akari

“S-S-S-Stop saying such stupid things! I-I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you!”

A daughter of the Kanemoto Group, which is among the foremost conglomerates in the nation. She’s diligent in character and abides by a strong work ethic, but because she isn’t used to receiving praise from others, she has a surprisingly shy side to her. She absolutely hates hot drinks.

Kunihiro Hinata

“Buu! Rude, you’re rude! What do you mean I’m ‘small’!?”

The protagonist’s upbeat and upfront kouhai. Although she has been connected with a large business from the beginning, she fits into the lowest of the masses as a result of the common lifestyle that her family has lived. She isn’t suited to the world of socialites; for example, eating high-class food gives her a stomach ache.

Masamune Shizuru

“Hehehe, I drove down the price. So this is what bargaining is?”

The daughter of a business rivaling that of the Kanemoto Group. She’s the kind of person who can’t help but involve herself when she sees somebody in trouble, but without having had any experience with men, she’s extremely shy as well. Though callow when it comes to common living, she holds an appreciation for the ways of the lower classes.

Nagamitsu Maya

“I told you, stop calling me Ojou!”

An unsociable, and therefore quiet, girl. She’s a prodigy through her own effort, leading to excellent grades. Although many believe that she isn’t good with human relationships, her personality is actually defined by kindness and empathy. Because she hates corruption in the world, she loves films concerning that subject. In fact, her family is made up of yakuza.

Tsukiyama Sena

“I certainly am a servant, but… I am not quite suited to that type of sexual work… Hawawa~”

A maid employed by the Kanemoto family. Although she doesn’t possess any distinguishing talents as a maid, she carries out all the housework flawlessly. Due to her open imagination, she occasionally runs rampant with arbitrary thoughts. She doesn’t do well with pitch-black darkness and ghost stories, so much so that she could end up crying.