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The Incontrovertible Superiority of the Oxford Comma #10

As mentioned in a certain previous article, the prospect of logicality proves essential to a multitude of grammatical dilemmas. The inherent logic of the Oxford comma, of course, is the reason for which so many arguments can be made in … Continue reading

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Maya Route Translation Complete

Ojou Maya translation has reached 100%. Kudos to Fiddle for persevering during the h-scene portions (which make up roughly 20% of the entire route). One route down, four more to go!

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The Inarguable Superiority of the Oxford Comma #9

Perhaps the most aesthetically displeasing problem with an Oxford comma-less sentence is a list containing merely three words. “Bananas, apples and oranges” appears inherently incorrect because the words clearly aren’t receiving equal attention. However,  you might never have considered that … Continue reading

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