I came here for Noble☆Works. Where is Noble☆Works?
What’s the deal with Dracu-Riot?
In conjunction with Tiny Lily and building on the Staircase Subs patch, we have made a full translation patch that the localization company Sekai Project has bought. Follow them for updates on a Dracu-Riot release.
What are your plans after finishing Dracu-Riot?
We have no firm plans at the moment. We ask that you not offer suggestions.
Will you translate ?
See above.
What’s with your obsession with the Oxford comma?
What’s with your obsession with questions?
What can I do to support you guys?
Leaving the occasional encouraging comment is always nice. Purchasing the game from the developers is another way: Here’s the downloadable version of Noble☆Works, and the downloadable version of Dracu-Riot! (but a patch for the latter hasn’t been made yet). We do not accept donations.
I can’t get the game to run.
First of all, that isn’t a question. Second, set your system locale to Japanese. If you still experience problems, contact us on the Downloads page and we (read: Keisuke) will help you however possible.
Where can I find a walkthrough for these games?