I came here for Noble☆Works. Where is Noble☆Works?
What’s the deal with Dracu-Riot?
In conjunction with Tiny Lily and building on the Staircase Subs patch, we have made a full translation patch that the localization company Sekai Project has bought. Follow them for updates on a Dracu-Riot release. EDIT: Follow NekoNyanSoft for updates on a release.
What are your translation plans right now?
Nothing. Maybe we’ll translate some doujinshi or something.
What’s with your obsession with the Oxford comma?
What’s with your obsession with questions?
What can I do to support you guys?
Leaving the occasional encouraging comment is always nice. Purchasing the game from the developers is another way: Here’s the downloadable version of Noble☆Works, and the downloadable version of Dracu-Riot! (but a patch for the latter hasn’t been made yet). We do not accept donations.
I can’t get the game to run.
First of all, that isn’t a question. Second, set your system locale to Japanese. If you still experience problems, contact us on the Downloads page and we (read: Keisuke) will help you however possible.
Where can I find a walkthrough for these games?