Noble☆Works Full Translation Patch Released

And you can find it here! Merry Christmas!

Perhaps the easiest way to purchase a copy of Noble☆Works is through Amazon. Note that Yuzusoft does not have a downloadable version of the game, and it officially ships only within Japan, so you will need to make use of a mail forwarding service or something of that nature, assuming you live outside Japan.


Thank you to Keisuke because I’m awesome (this portion written by Fiddle); lead translator/image editor Fiddle; our other translators Secchan (who is also responsible for kicking off the translation), KiritoCy, Dark Blank, Solo Spieler, and Exiled; last-ditch translator Ephemeralist, whose extensive knowledge solved numerous complicated situations; our editor Twoo; TiagOfVarela and Decay, whose beta testing efforts went above and beyond to eliminate many a typo and fix awkward or ambiguous phrasing; Eclipsed, who wrote a detailed walkthrough for Noble☆Works on Fuwanovel; and OriginalRun, for his various forms of moral support.

If you experience technical problems, you can ask in the comments section of the Downloads page.

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61 Responses to Noble☆Works Full Translation Patch Released

  1. I do love “pearl grey” tea.

    Man the game is funny. Sanjou’s such a bro.


  2. 1111 says:

    I hope you know what you just did with this patch for this game? You, yes you, you broke the infamous Yuzusoft curse. While we’re at it, why not doing Dracu-riot, cough, cough.


  3. Equa' says:

    Wow thanks a lot for the translation guys!


  4. bronx819 says:

    Dunno if I said my thanks for this, but I do appreciate all the hard work~ I love me some yuzusoft VN’s, and this was as good as I expected, I especially liked Sena’s route (fav character is Mayacchi though). I know you said no suggestions, but I did find a VN fairly similar to Noble Works, its called Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas.

    The gist of it is a guy is forced to crossdress by his artist sister, and after running away he gets dragged into a situation with art thieves. After so and so happens he gets conscripted to work as a maid for the ojou-sama who’s father owned the paintings, still disguised as a girl.


  5. APasssingTraveler says:

    It always amazes me how much dedication is put into this projects. You have my heartfelt thanks for your work :D.


  6. Rynn says:

    Just to let new people know, the download version of the game is available for purchase on DMM’s website. You’ll have to search the Japanese name.


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