Sena Route Translation Complete – Release Date: December 24th

The translation of Sena’s route is now complete! Credit to Solo Spieler and Secchan for their contributions and Fiddle for finishing it off.

But today we have news even bigger than Sena’s mammaries. With this route complete, translation is now at 100%! Those of you who have been watching us intently have surely noticed some extended periods of little to no translation progress, and some of you have politely demanded an explanation for said periods, to which we replied that we had been checking/proofreading other routes in that time. Well, now you may assume that this information was accurate, because we’ve made so much progress in that regard that we will be able to release the full patch quite soon after the 100% translation that took place today: On December 24th!

Again, that’s December 24th, 2015, two days from now, Christmas Eve, the fourth anniversary of Yuzusoft’s original release of Noble☆Works.

From Keisuke and Fiddle: Thank you all for your support and patience.

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52 Responses to Sena Route Translation Complete – Release Date: December 24th

  1. Reberuzero says:

    from many translation project i know , i think this one who always looks alive and update. thanks a lot 😀

    now, i can rest in peace


  2. H says:

    For your efforts, and on behalf of the VN community. We thank you for your contribution.


  3. Hako says:

    Waoh! Finally one Yuzusoft VN managed to get to 100%…
    Maybe the Yuzusoft curse is now broken?
    Thank you very much!!


  4. NeoAnkara says:

    Great news. Now if only AoKana patch is out too then my year is perfect.


  5. Ottmarsen says:

    Congrats on finishing translating Noble Works, and thank you! Really looking forward to start reading it 🙂


  6. Ottmarsen says:

    Ohh, forgot to ask. Have the common route been retranslated or otherwise received translation fixes since the common route patch? If not, i guess i can start today, but if it’s been improved then i’d rather wait!


    • Fiddle says:

      Yes, the common route is currently being edited again, and there will be quite a few changes in the full patch. However, it isn’t as though it will be a drastically different experience. I mean, it might be drastically different from my perspective because I’m overly conscious of all the miniscule things that nobody will ever actually notice have changed, but in any case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for you to read the common route patch unless a grammatical error or two will induce trauma.


  7. Dyrus says:

    really thanks for the translation. i really want to play yuzusoft games


  8. 00rem says:

    thank you very much for the translation. this announcement makes this christmas one of the best i had in years.


  9. Minus says:

    Thank you for your hard work!


  10. Bananoman says:

    Thx guys, you da best, plus you will lift up Yuzusoft curse. We will never forget it.


  11. DriverOver says:

    I love you


  12. Thank you so much!! And have a merry fucking ❤ christmas! XD


  13. Ysc says:

    Thanks for completing the translation ❤ I was feeling really down from the results of my finals until this happened 😀


  14. akari says:

    Thank you for the hardwork! Something to look forward too during Christmas eve!!


  15. leonzell says:

    i am glad that another patch is about to come out to satisfy all us VN reader’s addiction……… but i’m going away from my computer for a month and a half in 2 days. if i spent all of tomorrow playing i might only get one route done.


  16. A question says:

    Will a save from the common route patch be compatible with the full patch?


  17. kai says:

    Thank you for all your hard work guys, can’t wait to start reading 🙂


  18. Schzarrs says:

    Thank you Guys to finish this VN translation, Waiting for full patch and ready to read
    Ohh i’m almost forgot. Merry Christmas guys.


  19. oxcgen says:

    thanks. nice chrismas present


  20. Orchard says:

    Time to stay up all night just before Christmas. Luckily just finished all my finals. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS.


  21. kidlat020 says:

    will read as soon as I finish koichoco.


  22. Maou says:

    Thank you guys, have a nice Christmas!


  23. Aizu Ren says:

    Thank you for the hard work~

    anyway, did u guys have any ETA for the full patch release?


  24. rhaos says:

    This is a GREAT Christmas present. Thank you very much!


  25. Axel-Masters says:

    I keep refreshing the page, I can’t wait to play this, thank you translation team!


  26. freedom says:

    Had a dream last night that I left out milk and cookies for OCSS team. And as I placed them they were lifted by telekinisis and thrown against the wall while some mysterious words appeared mid air rebuking me and said: No wine and cheese… Are you daft? What does this mean??


  27. Jey Emill says:

    Is it 100% confirmed that the patch will be released today? The hype is killing me and I at least need to make sure of that.
    Love you guys for the translation though, Thank you so much for your hard work, and Merry Christmas!


  28. vipervoid123 says:

    Nice ~
    Thanks for the great work 🙂


  29. Snake says:

    Probably late night release for those in US while 25th release for folks in Europe. Hopefully I’m wrong and it is released earlier but…


  30. anon says:

    I’m waiting! (eventhough it’s 25th now here!)
    Anyway, what’s your next project? do you already have a plan?


  31. KozuKy says:

    Thanks a lot 😀 *bows* you guys literally made my Christmas a Merry one
    (If you guys plan to do another project,hope it’s Dracu-riot >.<)


  32. Hotgear says:

    I might not go to sleep tonight, sure I’ll be grouchy and probably pass out on christmas but it’ll be worth it 😀


  33. MaxelFX says:

    My mind and body are ready. I live in Europe so it’s like 3~~ hours till 25th, but don’t worry guys, take your time, couple more hours won’t be a major crisis. Hype level is absurdly high though, at least for me.


  34. Thank you for doing this. It always feels nice to see a translation project finished.
    How much time did it take you to finish this game? Also I wanted to know, what will you advise for a new team trying to translate a VN?


  35. Snake says:

    For those that do not live in the EST timezone it might be best to go to bed now and enjoy the patch when they wake up tomorrow. Better that than spend the rest of the day refreshing the page when it might still take a few hours or more for the release.


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