We Translate Doujinshi Now!

Secchan, our mascot and one of our translators, has recently taken up an unhealthy addiction to certain characters which enjoy prominence only in doujinshi (short, fan-made manga), and because we didn’t feel like setting up an intervention for him, we’ve decided to embrace his desire to spread these doujinshi to the world.

Thus, he and I (Fiddle) have teamed up to Anglicize these publications, he doing the translations and I the image editing and making fun of his translations. You can download them under our new Doujinshi tab. Fear not; many more are to come in the future.

Doujins that are 18+ will be labeled as such. The only one we have at the time of this announcement is all-ages.

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8 Responses to We Translate Doujinshi Now!

  1. What Would happend to Nobel Works translation project?

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  2. Vludimur says:

    It is still being translated :0

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  3. Fiddle says:

    The fact that we’re translating doujinshi doesn’t at all detract from the fact that we’re translating Noble Works. Don’t worry; your 18+ otaku paraphernalia will still come.

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  4. Jyunpey says:

    Would you mind to post a progress Update on Noble Works


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