Noble☆Works Translation One-Year Anniversary Update

“That’s one small step for Yuzusoft translation projects. One giant leap for moege-kind.” – Fiddle

July 19, a day that will live in infamy. Also, the one-year anniversary of the first project of The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs: Noble☆Works!

In case you’ve been living under a rock during the better part of the year, our progress for this particular project has come quite a ways. The most intensive stage of our translation/checking/editing/eatingdoritos/proofreading/whatever has advanced to such a point that the only routes left to finish are Shizuru and Sena. Even though there have not been any signs of visible progress lately, rest assured we are hard at work on things related to the project, like forehead analysis, for example.

That said, it’s time to get more hyped than Shizuru at a shogi tournament.


To kick off the celebrations, we present to you screenshots taken from various heroine routes we’ve newly translated, for indeed, it is our highest priority to tickle the fancies of our followers without cessation.

Shizuru and Takumi spend some time screwing.

Akari is very daring.

Against Fiddle’s better judgment, Keisuke insisted that this line not, in fact, read ” Nyuhuhuhu… Maya-chan, u jelly?”

Need material?

Kotetsu knows his analogies.

Creepy Uncle Makoto.

Kickin’ it with Kotetsu.

Next up, we are proud to say we are finally able to reveal a public release date due to the amount of progress that has been accomplished and the recent consistency with which we have done so. Truly, this is an unprecedented move on our part in all regards, for anybody who would have heard a previous release date we hypothetically made—which, again, we assure you is a nonexistent one—has been strategically eliminated. Now, the release date!

In addition to all of this, we are excited to release never-before-seen translations for Sanobawitch, courtesy of Secchan, because we have our priorities straight! You may or may not notice that these translations are fresh off the grill; to your liking, they are 110% Secchan, untouched by the foul hands of any other group members. Also, we will have to imagify the lines so as to prevent spamminess:


In order to play the game while reading the above superb translations, you can get the trial at Yuzusoft’s website.

Can’t wait to play the translated version of this game. Is there a group out there translating it? I mean, we aren’t, but man, wouldn’t it be cool if there were a group working on it?

And finally, we cap things off with the all-too-perfect proverbial icing on the cake: foreheads! Whose bewitching brow might we have in store today, I wonder? Let’s take a suspenseful view…

Unya! Could this be…

A certain pink-haired kouhai’s forehead?

Let’s see at last…

(Comprehensive forehead analysis is a recurring theme of our Fuwanovel topic, if you would like further information.)

Happy Anniversary!

“Cinnamon buns are underrated.” – Fiddle, when asked for his thoughts on this occasion

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6 Responses to Noble☆Works Translation One-Year Anniversary Update

  1. tahu157 says:

    Hey, I was born in Octember!


  2. Schwarzritter says:

    I believe you have put wrong picture under the creepy uncle 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saizo says:

    And here im waiting for the translation..


  4. TheGreatEops says:

    Copy arrived, game installed… my PC is ready ⊙▂⊙.

    Liked by 1 person

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