Hinata Route Translation Complete

Uynu? Hinata translation has been completed! Thanks go to Exiled for getting us started on it and to Fiddle for finishing it in such record time, given when he picked it up after returning from hiatus.

Three routes down, two more to go!

Note: Fiddle will be checking translations for the Akari route for a while, so progress in terms of pure translations will most likely stall momentarily.

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2 Responses to Hinata Route Translation Complete

  1. Heinrich says:

    Thanks for bringing this VN to the west, you guys are awesome!
    On another note, why are you so obsessed by the Oxford comma?


    • Fiddle says:

      Thanks for the support!

      I advocate the Oxford comma to a perfectly reasonable degree because I look with unparalleled chagrin upon the intellectual laziness of the fellows with whom I am entrapped in this hellhole referred to more commonly as “the English language.” If anything may become righteous in this undue perdition of ours, I intend to be the one to make it so. Accordingly, I ain’t gonna stand for this solecistic shizzle no more. No more!


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