Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Announced

Mr. Insemination has recently made the kind decision to release a Dracu-Riot! patch to appease an agitated public, and thus, all the game but 50% of the Miu route is translated under the name of Staircase Subs.

However, I’ve found myself overcome with a certain fear in my heart, one in which a reader’s erection diminishes mid-H-scene at the appalling sight of unwelcome moonrunes, leaving him with a lethal case of blue testicles―something of that nature, anyway.

So, in order to satisfy the general population in more ways than one, we’ve endeavored to bring this project to completion, both in translation and in several other regards which you may find enumerated below.

The only difficulty is that I (Fiddle) will be too busy in the near future to work through this iniquitous 10% of remaining game text. Fortunately, Mr. Nosebleed of the website-less group Tiny Lily announced and maintained a promise to finish off the game should Insemination hold true to his word, and lo! his words came to haunt him. Thus, we got in contact with Nosebleed and formed a partnership between The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs and Tiny Lily to assume this noble burden.

While Nosebleed will cover the translation of the remaining ~4,000 lines, we will:

  • Cover all hacking aspects of the game—in fact, we’ve already worked on this in-depth (with assistance from Lord binaryfail), such that all of our capabilities are basically on the table.
  • Do all image editing, with a comprehensiveness equal to that of Noble☆Works.
  • Translate menus and such.
  • Create in-game translation notes, like those that appear in Noble☆Works.
  • Release a patch for both the retail version and downloadable version; the current patch only applies to the retail version, which is quite difficult to acquire legally.
  • Edit the entirety of the game. If I read Insemination’s assessment of the patch correctly, it seems that there wasn’t enough time to have the game proofread and edited and such.
  • Americanizing the writing style, on the topic of the previous point.
  • Translation checking.*

So when shall we release this patch? Well, Mr. presumptuous readers, we intend to release not one patch, but two or even more than two, which brings us to Mr. asterisk*. The first patch will contain everything we listed above, with the exception of all-around translation checking; in short, it will be 100% complete except for the fact that it will remain in the state to which Staircase Subs’ unfortunate shortage of time and resources subjected it. Then, due to a subsequent increase in free time, we will be able to conduct some translation checking. We may release a second and final translation-checked patch, or release successive ones with increasing partial progress.

Oh, I didn’t answer the question. To give a quite rough but relatively safe estimate, let’s say this first patch will arrive in about two months. The translation-checked patch(es) will come some months thereafter.

Also, we shall bring a Communist-red overhaul to this website’s appearance in the not-so-distant future.

(An earlier version of this story neglected the exclamation point in Dracu-Riot! Because we are not plebs, we intend to include this punctuation in all cases, just as we did with the star in Noble☆Works.)

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80 Responses to Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Announced

  1. KozuKy says:

    Thank you very much 😀


  2. ArchmageTay says:

    Not sure if I’m more excited for the patch project or the long-overdue Soviet recoloring of the site.


  3. megumeme says:

    heil hitler

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I never thought I would see the day, you guys are quickly becoming my favorite group.


  5. Kaancem says:

    You’re the Man! thanks so much


  6. 1111 says:

    Yuzusoft-Curse is finally broken. I laughed really hard when I read “Staircases shortage of time”. Friend, if they had one thing, it was time. Let’s bury this meme and finish it off. 😀


  7. Anon says:

    Great to hear it. You guys did an excellent job with Noble Works and it’s a very pleasant surprise to see that this project I had long assumed was dead is in good hands now.


  8. Do you guys want hacking tools for Dracu-riot? It currently extracts and repacks images and text. Also makes a patch.


  9. holyguise says:

    “Gods be praised !” is what i would have liked to say but i’ll offer that praise instead to insem and you guys for your efforts.


  10. Anonymous says:

    >Edit the entirety of the game. If I read Insemination’s assessment of the patch correctly, it seems that there wasn’t enough time to have the game proofread and edited and such.
    Please just edit the 50% of Miu’s route. Insem-sama’s writing is better than you, thanks.


    • Tiagofvarela says:

      Putting aside the topic of which writing style is superior, if any, one has to admit that the scripts as they are have not been submitted to due editing and quality checking. The occasional typo or lack of cohesion most definitely show up, and there have been reports of rare lines remaining in Japanese throughout the VN, although I haven’t experienced this myself. Nevertheless, since Insem has, due to circumstances, been unable to adequately finish this project as he himself admitted, these fine people will take it upon themselves to do it, given they’re translating the unfinished remainder anyway.

      However, as there will be more than one patch released, you will have the choice of using the patch which will translate (and edit?) Miu’s route alone, so rejoice!


  11. sera says:

    I have no idea what to say but hey… YOU GUYS ARE THE SAVIOR FOR YUZUSOFT GAMES!


  12. RezaStillAlive says:

    God Bless You Alll~!!!!!!! XD


  13. Kill says:

    Thanks ~


  14. Sleeper says:

    bless you… and good luck!


  15. Herkz says:

    Do you have estimates on when will the patch which finishes Miu route and the full patch be released?


    • Fiddle says:

      The post says, “To give a quite rough but relatively safe estimate, let’s say this first patch will arrive in about two months. The translation-checked patch(es) will come some months thereafter.” I probably won’t be able to be more specific for a while.


  16. Pete says:

    Pleasantly surprised at this. It’s rare to find translators willing to finish someone elses project. Obviously it’s much more of a thankless job (as you”re left to edit + TLC a project of often unknown quality) and only a little credit can be claimed.

    Triple kudos to you people.


  17. Huehuehue says:

    Good luck guys! Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in


  18. It is just accidental or you guys purposely left out **** from the character menu?


  19. bronx819 says:

    AND THUS OUR FAITH WAS NOT IN NAUGHT, or something along those lines

    Really glad for this~ I haven’t been this excited since I saw all the yuri VN’s that were picked up last year


  20. i will support you guys, if you need any donation ask me. can’t wait for dracu-riot miu route
    thanks for noble works, love it 😀


  21. littleowen says:

    So there IS a god!! praised be


  22. Poompetch says:

    Thank you so much!!! You guys are a real hero for the hent.. *ahem* visual novel community.


  23. Artix says:

    EMPEROR BE PRAISED! im pretty sure this will be done soon enough! The wait was no waste, THANK YOU! EMPEROR SPEED!


  24. Senpai's Cheesecrisp says:

    Holy mother of cheescrisps, it is alive again! I honestly thought none was going to attempt to translate this but I am very grateful that a brave number of people are going to finish this.

    Good luck everyone.


  25. NepNep Akiyama says:

    Thank you very much.
    I was waiting for the main heroine route.
    Seriously, thank you!


  26. Roland says:

    thank you very much!!! i was waiting for the route de Miu *-*,really,really thank you very much T_T


  27. Waiting for the full patch. I would like to play with the DMM download version.


  28. DarkSorrow21 says:

    You really don’t know how much i love you guys ❤


  29. CuriousSucker says:

    yeah… I’m gonna have to be the dork to ask, but: define difficult to get legally? Like, how bad are we talking? Was thinking of legit getting it was all.


  30. Mr.966 says:

    *[I’m not good in ENG]*
    Can anyone pls tell me what’s going on?
    Are they translate all of this game?

    What version should I download? Retail or downloadable? : How’s this different?

    PS. Sry for my bad ENG but I really need a conclusion. I have been track this Eng patch for 2 yrs and really hopeless. But suddenly It’s just like everyone said ” Oh finally bla bla”. So I want to be sure that They r completely translate the game. if they r, I really thank you and all staff.


    • Fiddle says:

      Staircase Subs has translated 90% of the game. The patch for this is here: http://staircasesubs.com/2016/04/02/april-fools-day-patch-dracu-riot/

      We are going to translate the remaining 10%, and do proofreading and a lot of other stuff. This should be complete in about 2 months from the date of this announcement, and then we will make more patches with translation checking (TLC).

      The Staircase Subs patch I linked above works only with the retail version (the version you get as a disc in a box). I wouldn’t encourage you to download the retail version, because that would be illegal. However, when we finish our patch, we will also have a patch that works with the downloadable version, so you will be able to easily purchase and download the downloadable version legally, when that time comes.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Kuro says:

    I have finished Elina’s route 2 years ago and have been waiting till the day i could finish all other routes. Thank you guys so much!


  32. Ewan Ko says:

    i’ll be waiting the remaining 10%


  33. Anyone remember that one scene where Azusa screams Etchy Sketchy One Touchy?


  34. randomasocial says:

    thank you so much, I am so happy, you guys are our savior.

    um, you will translate the bonus route too, right? 🙂


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