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We Translate Doujinshi Now!

Secchan, our mascot and one of our translators, has recently taken up an unhealthy addiction to certain characters which enjoy prominence only in doujinshi (short, fan-made manga), and because we didn’t feel like setting up an intervention for him, we’ve … Continue reading

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The Superior Superiority of the Oxford Comma #15

One might observe that articles pertaining to the almighty Oxford comma have been especially scarce recently. This is due to various reasons, including but not probably limited to the moe-induced deterioration of my neurons. Also, I’ve run out of adjectives … Continue reading

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The Undeniable Superiority of the Oxford Comma #14

This article essentially serves as an extension of S01E02, in which I delved into various organizations’ policies on the Oxford comma, because my elitist philosophy compels me to have others look toward authority for their answers, especially when I’m authority. … Continue reading

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The Unadjectivable Superiority of the Oxford Comma #13

In a previous article, I explained how the existence of indefinite lists of items serves as another proof of the Oxford comma’s superiority. In rhetoric, this method of linking items without the use of a conjunction is referred to as … Continue reading

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The Incontestable Superiority of the Oxford Comma #12

In a previous article, I alluded to a particular problem with failing to use the Oxford comma in three-word lists: Some syntactic arrangements result in a noun immediately preceding a list, which makes the veritable listness of the list uncertain. … Continue reading

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The Undoubtable Superiority of the Oxford Comma #11

When delving into the multitudinous possibilities and uncertainties associated with the arrangement of appositions previously, I disregarded another instance in which the absence of an Oxford comma may undesirably mix your shizzle up, one in which even the holy semicolon … Continue reading

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The Incontrovertible Superiority of the Oxford Comma #10

As mentioned in a certain previous article, the prospect of logicality proves essential to a multitude of grammatical dilemmas. The inherent logic of the Oxford comma, of course, is the reason for which so many arguments can be made in … Continue reading

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