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Concerns our visual novel translation project(s)

Maya Route Translation Complete

Ojou Maya translation has reached 100%. Kudos to Fiddle for persevering during the h-scene portions (which make up roughly 20% of the entire route). One route down, four more to go!

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Site Update

Seeing as the translation progress has surpassed the 50% marker in the last week, it felt high time that site redesign was due, so here it is. Additional pages have also been added. The information on the “Story” and “Characters” … Continue reading

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Noble Works Common Route Patch Released

Common route patch has been added to the downloads page. I believe Fiddle said it best… At last, the common route partial patch! Intensively reviewed by multiple sources for typo eradication and the removal of extremely trivial (and non-trivial) glitches. … Continue reading

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