What Happened to Boku to Nurse?

The nine of you who still visit this blog for some reason may recall that we released a patch for Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi about a year and a half ago. We then promptly took down that patch for reasons that could not be disclosed.

But now seems as good a time as any to disclose those reasons, for the sake of posterity—and for eltonan, who’s apparently the only guy on the Internet who’s very curious about the situation. This one’s for you, e-dawg.

You see, when we decided to translate this visual novel, it seemed the perfect candidate for a nice, straightforward translation. Its production quality was decent, but not so decent that it came from a company whose titles were being translated officially. Prekano, and its parent company Giga, were apparently free from the deluge of localizations that was well underway at the time.

Alas, our strategizing was no match for plain bad luck. It turned out that Sol Press was in talks to localize Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi—of all titles!

As you may recall, this project was 100% secret until its release, because we sought to avoid all the drama associated with public translation projects and because surprises are fun. Thus, we released the patch to the world, and Sol Press could only inform us of their localization ambitions after the fact.

Upon learning that Sol Press intended to localize the title, we took the patch down as a courtesy and started communications with them. We figured we might as well sell our patch to them for a reasonable sum that was subject to even further reduction; after all, we weren’t expecting any compensation when we were translating it.

But after a brief period of contact, they ended up never responding to my last message. Then I imagined that their negotiations with Prekano might have broken down due to our patch release. I don’t know if this is actually the case—in fact, it probably isn’t—but regardless, I felt bad, so I didn’t want to bother them further.

And that brings us to today. Why did we decide to make this announcement now? Well, apparently Sol Press is leaving the visual novel scene, and they “currently do not have any plans to pick up more VN licenses,” so we can now say without a doubt that we aren’t stepping on their toes (anymore) with our patch.

And on that note, we might as well put the patch back up, even though it’s already on the Internet. Here you go. Just put the patch in your Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi game folder to activate English mode.

If there is any moral to this story, it’s that no fan translation is safe.

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16 Responses to What Happened to Boku to Nurse?

  1. Hi, I just wanna thanks for translating those wholesome visual novel,I wish I could translate visual novel but I can only read hiragana 😛 but anyway whats next? I’m hoping if u could translate Boku to Joi since it is kinda sequel(?) to the Boku to Nurse. Regardless, im excited to here more from u.

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    • Fiddle says:

      Thanks for the comment! I suppose Boku to Joi is technically an option now that Sol Press has left the scene, but we have no plans to translate anything right now. Translating something, especially a visual novel, requires 1) a desire to translate, and 2) free time, and I’ve increasingly been losing both.


  2. Zhrngtay says:

    I KNEW IT! It was being licensed! Not sure if i said it before last time i was here. Thanks for the TL. I peeked at the cg set of the sequel…and it wasn’t as hot as the original though I am still interested in the story, for what its worth. Only watched the OVA(of the sequel, the ending was great “another sequel material” but i doubt we will see anything more from prekano.)

    Reading from the comment and reply above. RL comes 1st. Wish you and your team all the best!


  3. Bigfan28 says:

    Hi, i wanted to install (put root.pfs.003 in the game folder) this on my vita but i didn’t work… What can i do?! Please reply


  4. Frank Zapper says:

    Seriously bigfan28, why would you play a botched port instead of the real version?


    • Bigfan28 says:

      I don’t have a pc 😦 @Frank_Zapper


    • Bigfan28 says:

      anyway, is this english patch for thr vita version? And did it work for you?


      • Fiddle says:

        The English patch only applies to the PC verison. As mentioned in the announcement post, we aren’t sure how the PS Vita works. Somebody on Fuwanovel also told me that the PS Vita version contains extra content that the PC version does not, so applying the PC patch to the PS Vita is presumably impossible.


  5. Avalon says:

    hello, I’m currently translating a visual novel that uses Artemis engine, I’ve managed to unpack and translate it but I have no idea about repacking this kind of file, can you tell me how to repack the file to make it .pfs? thank you, any help would be appreciated.


    • Fiddle says:

      Keisuke the Hackerman has put together a zipped folder with the tools. I don’t know what’s in the folder, but presumably it will contain all you need to make a patch. Best of luck! https://www.mediafire.com/file/gfhpl57zgywfgeb/boku_to_nurse_script_tool.7z/file


      • Perfect_Third says:

        Thank you for releasing this.

        I’m also looking to translate a VN that uses the Artemis Engine and am in a similar situation as the previous poster. I can unpack the .pfs file, and now with this tool, I can repackage it too. But the issue is that the devs put all of the game data (scripts, backgrounds, sounds) into one .pfs file, which makes the main data file 672 MB. When I try to package everything using the tool, it ends up getting a Stack Overflow Error and closing. It works if I exclude the “Sounds” file, but as expected, the game doesn’t have sound once I put it into the directory. I’m guessing that the tool might have a limit on the size of the file.

        Is there a way that I can get into contact with Keisuke the Hackerman to see about adjusting the tool to work with larger files?


      • Keisuke says:


        Have you tried creating a patch with the file name root.pfs.000 (assuming there is only a root.pfs file in the main game directory of the visual novel you are translating), and then copying that into the main game directory? I’ve pulled out the tool and ran some tests in regards to the amount of files and file sizes, and file size does not seem to be an issue, as I was able to take all of a sample game’s content make a patch file (800+ MB) and then put it into the patch folder and successfully make another patch out of it (1.6 GB). So before I go further into testing, I’m curious if making a “root.pfs.000” patch file will do the job first.


  6. Shipfan66 says:

    You can now make that ten of us — I just found this blog, in fact just found the anime and discovered that it was originally an AVN. I’m watching ep.1 on EcchiMaster but it is regrettably censored so now I have to find the uncensored version lol. Anyway, glad you’ve made an English patch; once I grab the VN I will definitely dl your patch so I can understand it 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on this thread too, cause y’all seem like nice, wholesome echhi fans 😉


    • Shipfan66 says:

      Update: found it on F95Zone with your patch already included 🙂 Did anyone ever do a decensor patch? I mean, I’ll play it censored if I have to (though I cannot believe I just said that!), but if the mosaics can be given the boot, that’d be jsut awesome…. 😀


      • Fiddle says:

        Nope, no decensored patch. Apparently nobody (including myself) has the resolve to redraw the ultra-HD genitalia. 😞


  7. lonerprime says:

    11th soul reporting! Just wanted to drop by and say Thank You for your work on Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi. I just realized that this was a game originally after coming across the Hentai and what’s more it had a proper translation. Great work! Too bad the sequel didn’t make your cut or the whole thing would have gotten a perfect closure. Still, I appreciate one bird in hand than two in the bush.

    Still, I hope you wouldn’t mind me stalking around these woods in case your group does spring to life. o/

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