Dracu & Riot Status Update

Greetings, everyone. Apologies for the astonishingly late status update, on top of the late, well, everything else.

So let’s cut to the chase: Dracu Riot isn’t done yet. The editing and TLC probably won’t be done for at least several more months. Progress over the last couple of months has been very slow for a wide variety of reasons, but it’s basically all on me. I’m going to put a good number of hours into it today though and plan on putting at least a couple hours a day into it every day going forward from here.

When we first started this project, the plan was for a quick edit pass where we’d make some minor changes for better flow. Someone else would go in and do an additional proofreading pass and a cursory TLC pass along the way. We’d have a QCer on hand to point out occasional issues. We could then release a polished, finished patch in a couple months’ time. Simple, no?

The first problem: The person who was initially pegged to do TLC decided that they didn’t like Yuzusoft’s VNs much after all and essentially gave up. This became a much bigger issue when we did more analysis and realized how many inaccuracies were contained within the Staircase patch. This thankfully only ended up being a minor hiccup, since we have the fantastic Clephas on our side now providing the TLC for us. We don’t have an exact count, but we have quashed a metric ton of translation errors with his help.

The bigger, second problem: That “quick editing pass” stuff wasn’t going to fly. At some point last year when I was going back over what we’ve already done with my fabulous QCers, it hit me just how poorly it all read. It was like the Persona 5 hullabaloo amped up to eleven. I’m honestly ashamed of how bad it was, and it was a big part of the reason why I was upset by that patch release slip up (see our previous update for the details on that).

Since then, I have gone back over the stuff we already did with a fine-toothed comb, bringing it up to what I deem an acceptable standard. The result of that and the TLC is a very different looking script from the Staircase version. That version is still the skeleton of ours, but we’re basically giving it the Muv Luv treatment, albeit with a much smaller and less experienced team. The end result is looking like something I can be proud of, however, as it’s now both far more accurate and dramatically better reading.

This all takes time, and will continue to take time. I don’t expect us to finish until the tail end of the year. I know, I’m sorry, I’d like it to be sooner too. Updates such as this one will continue to be sporadic, but I’ll always be around on our comment section, Fuwanovel, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Be sure to drop by with any questions or comments you may have.

Until next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood jaded editor, Decay.

(Also no, you uncultured swine, that is not a mistake in the title, but a reference to the movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious,” beloved by all respected connoisseurs of fine cinema the world around.)

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21 Responses to Dracu & Riot Status Update

  1. regnasirzech says:

    Aye no problem bro… a slow and steady way is always better…

    Just dont do the same like aokana



  2. Hako says:

    Nice to see it’s still being worked on and progressing…

    Thx for all the work you’re doing 🙂

    Hako out


  3. Eli says:

    I’m fine waiting till the end of the year. This was the first VN I found so I’ll proudly wait.
    Also I appreciate all the work you guys are doing for this to be possible.


  4. DharmaFreedom says:

    Take your time and release something you’re happy with, of course. I paused reading the game when i found out you guys were working on improving it. Rather read a more accurate version since you’ll are offering.

    All us readers have to do is wait, you guys are the ones doing the heavy lifting so good luck and I appreciate the effort you guys are putting in to do this. Cheers


  5. Yue says:

    Welp, there goes all hope I had to see this translated before summer… But hey, I’ve already been waiting for this for years now, what’s a couple more months eh?


  6. Yua says:

    2018 release confirmed!


  7. Ryan Ashfyre says:

    >] “(Also no, you uncultured swine, that is not a mistake in the title, but a reference to the movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious,” beloved by all respected connoisseurs of fine cinema the world around.)”

    For the love of Madoka, I pray that your typing that out was a struggle not unlike Klaus von Reinherz playing Prosfair for ninety-nine hours straight without rest.

    Also, thanks for all your hard work and keep at it! 🙂


  8. Marisan says:

    I’m more upset that that Persona website exists than for your delay.


  9. Johnny says:

    While you’re at that, contact belldandy100 and make him decensor the CGs.
    (actually, i would make love to you if you actually did that)


  10. Well, the thing is that the more rime you take the more like you give up, so… I dont care if is for 2019, i just want you to finish, dont die on un, please.


  11. Zoolrah says:

    I’m always happy to see a progress update even if not much has been done so thanks for this 🙂 But yeah as long as you stick to it I don’t mind when you finish. GL!


  12. Matt Freyer says:

    I’m not sure if its to do with the translation but I notice that when you try to either mute individual voices or change their volume it doesn’t change anything. Just thought you’d want to know about that.


  13. Fan says:

    I’m really grateful for your work. The most important part it’s progress, not speed.


  14. marvyxle says:

    No need to rush it at all. It’s better to take your time, since what matters the most is the quality (y)


  15. Xeawest says:

    Aah, dang. Initially read the “posted on” year as being 2016, was wondering if it was finished or abandoned.


  16. Well, Sekaiproject is translating this now. So I guess this is the end of this project(?) 😡


  17. Ronnie21093 says:

    Welp, guess this project is dead now that Sekai Project has their hands on Dracu Riot now. I just hope they don’t fuck up by only making an All-Ages version.


  18. Laurel C says:

    Great blog you havee


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