Dracu-Riot! Status Update Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I shall try to be as transparent as possible in this post. That makes this sound bad for some reason, but nah, we’re just giving you updates on shizzle.

Now, while it may not be in my best interest to bring up the following details, I shall remind you that our initial plan for the first Dracu-Riot! patch would be 100% translation, editing, and image editing, etc. I also offered the (very) rough estimate of two months until the first patch.

Evidently the (very!) rough estimate of two months was inaccurate, and to disclose some significant information, the editing, while many thorough hours have been poured into it, has not progressed to the degree that my considerable optimism led on.

I hesitate to remind you of our previous estimates because, well, it seems as though nobody paid careful attention to the details, and so I wouldn’t expect much incoming criticism, but regardless, it would weigh on my conscience to conveniently leave out the above information.

And it also weighs on my conscience that my estimates have not met reality, so I shall now announce to those who did properly read the information I provided earlier that we are going to release a first patch in the near future, one that meets all of our previous goals except that it will not include any modification to Staircase Subs’ writing of the non-Miu heroine routes; Miu’s route will be fully translated and proofread and whatnot, and the image editing and in-game translation notes will be complete, but in contrast to what we previously declared, this first patch will not contain our editing progress on the other heroine routes.

What is the status on this upcoming patch? Well, all the translation is complete, the image editing is just about complete, the editing of the common route through to Staircase Subs’ progress on the Miu route is complete, and the proofreading of the common route is complete. We’re also proofreading Miu’s route (including both our and Staircase Subs’ translation), which is about halfway done and doesn’t take long. In addition to that, we will spend a little time tying up loose ends on the hacking, as the technicalities that enable in-game translation notes and a patch for the downloadable version of Dracu-Riot! will take a little (legit, a little) time.

Thus, while we naturally hesitate to offer an estimate date on this first patch, you should be able to observe from the above information that there isn’t much remaining work for it, so you can expect it rather soon.

Incidentally, for those who have undertaken the policy of waiting until our final patch, complete with editing and translation checking, we should simply say that this final patch, by any estimate, will take a lot of time. We just want you to make an informed decision.

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88 Responses to Dracu-Riot! Status Update Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Anon says:

    Any update? \o/


  2. Thikas2planks says:

    it would be nice to hear something since they put up and removed the “final patch” so to speak, we havent heard a peep from any of them which is slightly unnerving


  3. Reekus says:

    It’d be great if they did reply but it’s gonna pop up soon enough. It’s been a while so this usually warrants an update. Anytime soon we should get a date or a Miu patch release. Hopefully the latter.


  4. Mashiro says:

    And it’s halloween, so the release, or an update would be very climactic this week


  5. ReekaPeen says:

    @fiddle is there any progress towards at least the Miu translation release time?


  6. Veristelle says:

    Please let it not be another Insem incident, I’ve been checking every day since they announced they took over the translation.
    I believe in them, but there’s still that worry deep down when they don’t say anything for so long…


  7. ReekaPeen says:

    No updates?


  8. ReekaPeen says:

    lmao officially been two months since the last update. what’s the official time-span to consider a project dead?


    • ReekaPeen says:

      Not trying to say it’s dead just saying about the future patches would probably ease my mind and many others. Being selfish but that’s just how it is at this point.


      • ReekaPeen says:

        Miu for president!


      • Mashiro says:

        Not to mention they started doing this in April, and they clearly stated that the first patch is going to be images, menu stuff, TN notes, and “americanization” (which is already out, but was done by automatic conversion, and just being honest – nobody actually wanted that), and most importantly – Miu’s route, which is the only thing most people are waiting for.

        The thing is, that the patch was already released, and then deleted after a while.

        From the fuwanovel thread – posted by Decay:
        “This patch was released ahead of schedule and without any discussion among the team, possibly in error. It also contains content I was previously informed it would not contain. I would especially recommend people NOT touch the Azusa route in its current state, as it is lacking an additional pass I would have liked to do for it, contains numerous typos, does not contain most of the stylistic matters that were still being hammered out, and does not reflect the level of quality I had hoped for. I also would have liked to have done some additional light work on elements of the common route, but alas.”
        2nd one, from October 8th
        “I’ve gotten a couple questions about Dracu-Riot over the last week, and I figure I may as well lay out the basics for that. Wires got crossed, mistakes were made. Things are cool now but it may actually take some time before a proper release happens. We may post a more detailed update at some point on the oxford comma blog, we may not. Things may take a while, or they may not. I legitimately don’t even know at this point. I know this isn’t much to go on, but that’s all I can say because that’s all there is to say. Work continues in the meantime. Fun!”

        But write an appropriate update on your main site too. People are actually waiting for that release to happen. And it’s not like we’re waiting 7 months now. Some of the people here are waiting for 3+ years by now (when Insem was still doing it). That’s a lot of fucking time.
        It’s not that there wasn’t a single update in 2 months. Yakusoku TNs does an update like 4 times a year for example (though they translated 2 full routes in a year). It’s just that, after the sudden release, that also didn’t last so long, the only thing you gave us were 2 posts, which weren’t exactly helpful.
        We have no information about the progress, no information about what still needs to be done, and how much is done already, nothing. Only thing we know is that “it might take a while, or not”. And that’s after 7 months, so I don’t really know what you mean by “a while, or not”. Is 7 months “a while”, because if so, then I think I’m going for the not recommended patch, released ahead of schedule.
        On a side note: On the StaircaseSubs page, you know which route got the most in “Which route would you like to play first” survey?
        Miu’s. With 3,608 fucking votes. That was 3 years ago.

        Give us information. Not just any – actual information, that shows us progress. Some chart would be really appropriate. You know, just like you did with Noble Works translation? Then we’ll at least know what we can expect, because telling us “it will take approximately 2 months”, then telling us “it will take a little (legit, a little) time”, and after that just “it might take some time, it might not”, is not very professional of you, and you lose a lot of credibility doing that. At this point, this whole ordeal looks like you’re looking for a potential buyer for this translation. Which seems very plausible, especially after the last events with Shinku Translations.
        If everything was explained properly, then I wouldn’t even care about the time it takes, that recent release, or no updates.
        So address the issue at hand. That’s your responsibility.


      • Mashiro says:

        Well, it was overdramatic for me to say that we don’t know anything, because you said in this update that only thing left is basically proofreading and hacking. I apologize for that.
        Though it was written 2 months ago, Decay’s post is still a little unsettling, and makes you seem like you don’t really care that much.


  9. B-Ko says:

    Would it be unreasonable of me to think Decay is a control freak and his little hissy fit has pretty much killed any chance of that “first patch” ever happening? And instead we wait for a fully “re-imagined” stylized patch? The guy might be involved in a lot of circles within the VN community, and doing his fair share of work on editing Dracu-riot…But he’s also abit of an asshole.

    Oh well, nothing much we can do. In b4 they sell off the patch to Sekai or Yuzusoft.

    I know that comes across as entitled and spoiled, but people have limits. And nobody likes to feel like they are being jerked around. I know that’s not the intention, but what it feels like and what it actually is are often blurred with time.


  10. Searies says:

    Why not take a bit of a hint from the Grisaia updates? Actually list what the progress is instead of using this vague ‘a little time’ phrase. I obviously haven’t worked on a project like this myself, but having just proofreading and hacking left to do, and that taking LONGER THAN 2 MONTHS, it feels like there is 0 progress being made. Please put out an update.


  11. ReekaPeen says:

    All these people saying something about the translation and not one reply by the translation team. We might be being selfish but please for ease of mind, please post something. It may be overreacting but the community already expects something after all this time.


  12. Z_man says:

    I patiently and hopefully await the finished patch. Take you time don’t rush, its better to treasure quality then speed. If you have updates for us great glad to hear from you, if not thats fine I’m patient as I’m sure others are as well. 🙂


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