Noble☆Works HD Version Complete!

Dear eroge aficionados:

Rest assured that our progress, while our affinity for grammar-related articles may not have given the impression, is as healthy as ever. Or, you know, as healthy as it was at times when it was healthy.

As a matter of fact, our slaves have been so unwillingly willing to deliver great goods to mankind that we couldn’t help but furnish them with a noble task.

Consequently, we’ve accomplished the task of deconstructing the code of Noble☆Works and extracting the pictures to be enlarged in such a manner that their quality do not suffer.

Upscaled images galore!

Rendered in 2560×1440—DOUBLE the default 1080×720—your unusually large monitor will be happy to display cute girls’ mammaries in maximum pixel detail!

In fact, due to downscaling being a relatively easy process, your smaller monitor will display an image of tantamount quality. Have some 1920×1080!

On our Downloads page you’ll find the Noble☆Works HD patch and finally be able to accompany your fullscreen experience with full quality (or use windowed mode on a relatively big monitor, but you plebs may take the exit on the right).

Thank you for the continued support!

(EDIT: This was an April Fool’s joke. Silly.)

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1 Response to Noble☆Works HD Version Complete!

  1. Anon says:

    Actually got my hopes up for a moment, seeing as how some games actually do store assets at a higher resolution and downscale them in-game as needed.


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